Preventative Services

Physicals Exams:
1. Our providers perform a variety of comprehensive health examinations, including a full physical examination, to ensure good health and functioning of a patient's bodily systems and organs. Including:
1.Well Child
2. School
3. Sports
4. Camp and Physicals
5. Insurance Physicals
1. We provide comprehensive adult and childhood immunizations
according to the recommended timetable. lmmunizations or vaccines make children immune to certain preventable diseases.
2. In addition, we have systems in place that makes sure health maintenance Items such as mammograms and colonoscopies are kept up-to-date.
Healthy lifestyle:
1. We offer education and counseling to those struggling to maintain a
healthy weight and lifestyle.
2. We can provide education and counseling to those attempting to quit smoking or other addictive behaviors.
3. We screen and treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.